InForm:008 - Dreamwork (A Side)

Today's episode talks about a few basic ideas and techniques around psychoanalytic dreamwork

This episode of InForm:Podcast attempts to continue to riff on the concept of repression that was first brought up in episode 005. The concept of this episode is dreamwork, which is a staple of psychoanalytic work. 

Here is an outline of what gets talked about in this episode. 
  1. Misconceptions around dreamwork. 
  2. A few methods (techniques) of doing dreamwork. 
    • Tell the dream from start to finish in as much detail as you can.
    • I want to make sure I got that. Tell me the dream one more time, from start to finish, in as much detail as you can.
    • See what gets added or removed.
    • Try to free associate to what was added or removed.
    • This often leads to something from childhood. 
  3. The metaphor of archeology and psychoanalysis. 
  4. What is repressed was put in  quarantine because it is infected with "trauma". 
  5. Other things (memories, ideas, desires, etc) that are/were came in contact with the thing that was infected with "trauma" could also be infected, and so they are quarantined as well. 
  6. What we "dig up" is not the repressed thing, but it is usually connected to it. 
If there was more I forgot what it was.

I'd love to hear from you! If you have questions, answers, thoughts, criticisms, concerns, or something else, please email me.

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Freud. The interpretation of dreams.  

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