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InForm: 2 of 7 on the Analytic Attitude

This episode continues the series I'm doing on the "analytic attitude". The episode contains a reading of a bit of text penned by Christopher Bollas & a discussion of how saying something out loud to another person can be remarkable scary --yet also helpful-- for the speaker.

InForm: The Good Enough Therapeutic Attitude

This is the first in a series of seven episodes that will get into the various elements that (I think) constitute a "good enough" attitude for therapists to adopt.

InForm: Random Recapitulations

This episode of InForm:Podcast is all-over-the-place. I talk about lots of different stuff... and I don't even know how to describe it.

InForm: Negations (B-Side)

This is just a few things I thought after recording Episode 010.

InForm:010 Negations (A Side)

Today's episode is on the parapraxis of negations. What's a negation? Listen to the episode and find out?

InForm:009 - Parapraxis

InForm:Podcast episode 009 is an episode where I talk about the concept of parapraxis -- AKA "bungled actions" or "silly little mistakes that don't mean anything... but really mean something. I try to show how a parapraxis is a coded message from something that has been repressed.

InForm:008 Dreamwork (B-Side)

This is the B-Side for episode 008 on dreamwork. Talking about a few other ways you can work with dreams.

InForm:008 - Dreamwork (A Side)

Today's episode talks about a few basic ideas and techniques around psychoanalytic dreamwork

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